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Lunatic – Saturday, Oct 29, 4:00pm

posterlegalCanada, 2016, Documentary, 60 minutes
Director: Kent Allison
Location: UWSA, Cambridge

Presented in partnership with Commons Studio and Local Focus Film Festival

Summary: When following your dreams, how old is too old? LUNATIC tells of a man’s quest to walk in the footsteps of his childhood heroes, despite being “over the hill”.

When Ian Evans first heard about the early Antarctic explorers like Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen, something inside him changed; a relatively “normal” kid started to view life more as an adventure to live rather than one to merely read about in history books.

Ian reflects on what stirs his spirit of adventure, and questions whether at 58 he can still keep exploring. Finally, one morning Ian finds a note that his wife, Liz has dropped onto his computer keyboard which ultimately helps guide him toward the biggest adventure of his life – a trek to the South Pole.

This film is about Ian’s quest to become the oldest Canadian to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, a trek only 300 before him have ever completed. We see his planning, fundraising and training, including dragging a truck tire around his village. We experience the team spirit and will to survive in Antarctica against seemingly impossible odds.

Program: Adventurer, Ian Evans will provide an introduction to the expedition and the film, and Ian and Director, Kent Allison will both be available for the Q&A session following the screening.

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