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Growth opportunity – Join our team!

Enriching Leadership Opportunity with GRFF!

Call for Board of Directors

Grand River Film Festival is seeking dedicated, driven and enthusiastic individuals to join the Board of Directors. This voluntary governing role is a challenging and rewarding way to apply your skills, meet and network with a variety of professionals, and support your local arts community.

Founded in 2007, the Grand River Film Festival (GRFF) is committed to celebrate and inspire community through the shared experience of film. Programming is curated  across three main platforms: an annual festival in May, year-round film screenings, and a youth video competition. GRFF recognizes the power of film to connect people and is thrilled to act as a vehicle for our community to build relationships and host meaningful conversations within the Waterloo Region.

Board Involvement, Duties & Obligations:

    • Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings and the annual general meeting at various locations across Waterloo Region
    • Understand and demonstrate a commitment to GRFF’s mandate, strategic planning and programs
    • As a working Board, Directors are expected to lend experience and expertise by actively participating in meetings and supporting sub committees
    • There is no expense reimbursement for GRFF directors, and no remuneration
  • GRFF maintains general liability insurance for the association, and Director and Officer Liability insurance for the Board of Directors. Coverage assumes due diligence in carrying out duties and obligations (meeting attendance, active participation, etc) and does not excuse negligence


Ideal candidates are practicing professionals in the required field and/or are community-minded persons who have a strong interest in arts and culture. Professional training in the arts is not required. 

We are currently seeking the following position: 

  •  Secretary
    ○ Work with the chair to send out the agenda prior to each meeting.
    ○ Ensures all rules and bylaws of the organization are adhered to by the board during meetings and the implementation of board decisions. The secretary is also
    in charge of the records and documentation for the organization.
    ○ Record the minutes of each board meeting. The secretary records everything that happens during the meeting including what was discussed, what actions were voted on and what actions are being taken as a result. Distributes the meeting minutes to the board members following the meeting.
    ○ Throughout the year, distribute documentation to the board and members as well as complete any legal filings on behalf of the organization on time. Ensures that all records are properly and safely stored.
    ○ In the event that neither the chair or vice chair can attend a board meeting, the secretary may temporarily step into their place. When this happens, call the meeting to order and preside over the function until another board member is temporarily appointed to the position.
    ○ The secretary makes sure that the board’s actions are in line with legal requirements and the organization’s bylaws.

Additional Info:

Please note that serving on the board is a volunteer commitment. Board terms are two years and the time commitment is approximately 8-12 hours per month. 

GRFF is committed to equity in all aspects of its operations. We encourage applications from indigenous people, persons with disabilities, ethnic or racial minorities, immigrants and refugees, Francophones, LGBTQI+ persons, women, and persons of all socio-economic walks of life. 

How to Apply:

Interested parties should submit their resume and letter of intent to Board Chair Paul Tortolo at with the subject Application to Board.

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