The Young Arsonists movie poster

The Young Arsonists recounts a summer in the 1980s when four teenage girls, all fleeing traumas of various sorts, band together against the outside world. At the centre are best friends Nicole and Veronica (Maddy Martin, Jenna Warren). Nicole is consumed by tragedy, having recently lost her beloved older brother — a loss that has decimated her family. Veronica is dealing with an abusive, alcoholic monster of a father who looks like something that might have crawled out of a rusty pipe. She decides to take a stand by camping out in the abandoned farmhouse that once belonged to Nicole’s family. As the summer crawls by, tensions rise between the girls, who are pretty much on their own. But Nicole and Veronica forge an intimacy that they may not be able to hold on to when Veronica’s secrets are revealed and she lashes out.

Will be preceded by the premiere of the winners of the Hospice of Waterloo YODO short film contest.

Film Information

  • Director: Sheila Pye

  • Producer: Agata Smoluch Del Sorbo, Sonya Di Rienzo, Aeschylus Poulos

  • Featuring: Maddy Martin, Jenna Warren, Sadie Rose, Madison Baines, Aaron Poole, Miranda Calderon, Measha Brueggergosman, Kyle Meagher, Joe Bostick, Lorcan DaSilva-Déiseach

  • Languages: English

  • Runtime: 97 mins

  • Genre: Drama

In-Person Screening

Available Showings : May 13, 2023 at 7pm

Cambridge Community Players Theatre, 47 Water St S, Cambridge, ON N1R 6C9